Dec 2, 2019 • 22M

Ep.3: Luka Doncic Or Trae Young? Who's The Better Investment?

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You ever watch Mad Money? What about Fast Money? This shows is kind of like that... But instead of the boring stock market, we'll be talking about basketball cards. Every week I'll be documenting my investment strategy. You'll get a deep dive into who I'm buying and how the market is trending. We're all trying to make money... I'm just trying to make it fun. Support this podcast:
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Every day a few of you reach out to me and ask who you should buy. Honestly, that question is loaded. They're so many variables that go into prospecting. When do you want to get your money back? What type of return are you looking for? For me, I like to mix it up, I always grab a few people that I think I can sell soon and then I go with a couple of home run picks... I wanted to fit both of those topics in today's show, but it would have been way too long, so I decided to split it up for your guys. In today's show, I talk about those quick flips. Here are 5 guys I'm buying right now, that I plan to make money on by the end of the season.

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